Why Choose Brite Nites

There are so many lighting companies to choose from, so why should you choose Brite Nites? These seven reasons prove that we shine brighter than the competition:

  1. Commercial Grade Light Strands – Brite Nites offers the best in commercial grade lighting. Our LED light strands and bulbs last longer due to their high quality and professional design.
  2. Experienced Employees – All of our crew members are trained to be courteous and efficient. Some of our employees have been with us for over 15 years!
  3. Insurance – Brite Nites is licensed and insured for the protection of your home and/or business. We are also covered by WCF for the protection of our field employees.
  4. Scheduling – Each year we aim to create a more efficient scheduling system for our customers. This means that during the holiday season, Brite Nites is able to have a maintenance crew at your home within 48 hours to make sure your lights are running smoothly for all of your holiday gatherings and events.
  5. Complimentary Storage – Complimentary storage is provided to all of our customers. Lights are wrapped and neatly stored in individual boxes, ensuring that your lights stay in the best condition possible during the off-season.
  6. Custom Jobs – Brite Nites loves to be challenged to design and create out of this world lighting jobs. There is no idea too large for our designers and installers.
  7. Professional Design – Brite Nites is not only a professional lighting company, but we also have professional interior designers ready to provide you with incredible holiday decorations. Instead of sifting through broken ornaments and old garland, let us create a personal winter wonderland for your home or business. Our designers will be with you every step of the way from the initial design to the day of take down.

Let Brite Nites transform your holiday from ordinary to extraordinary!

Park City: (435) 615-7996
Salt Lake City: (801) 432-2111

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