What is Brite Nites?

In 1993 Dean Lyons hopped in his yellow jeep and installed Christmas lights for a friend. Soon after, neighbors and others started asking about the Christmas lights guy in the yellow jeep. Dean began installing more and more lights, and the rest is history. Brite Nites was born. 

Since that initial buzz 30 years ago Brite Nites has installed lights for over 16,000 clients with over 2 million strands of light! Brite Nites has installed incredible lights for everything from small front yards to large shopping malls, and everything else in between. Brite Nites even does year-round outdoor lighting for yards also called landscape lighting.


So what’s the advantage of choosing Brite Nites for lighting your home or business?

Superior Holiday Decor & Exclusive Color Patterns:

  • Brite Nites boasts a large selection of quality outdoor and indoor decor. We offer exclusive color patterns and have a selection of hanging decor, garlands, wreaths, and more. We only use top-tier holiday decorations and lights.

Custom Displays & Beautiful Designs:

  • No two snowflakes are alike, and that’s true for your home or business. Our expert designers will craft a lighting design customized to your needs. Whether your style is more modern or classic we’ve got you covered.

Turn-Key Service:

  • The holidays are full of joy, but it can also be a stressful season. That’s why we handle your entire project from start to finish. We go the extra mile to take exceptional care of all our customers and want you to rest easy while we handle everything.

Warranty & Expert Maintenance:

  • On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, our team is on standby to take care of the issue within 24 hours. We also employ the use of preventive maintenance with our twist-lock connections and water-resistant housings. 

Top-rated LED lights:

  • We only use the best materials. Our ultra-bright LED bulbs are high-efficiency, long-lasting, and cool to the touch. You can expect upwards of 25,000 to 75,000 hours of service from our amazing bulbs. 

Happy Customers & 5-Star Reviews:

  • You can see for yourself what Brite Nites customers are saying. There’s a reason we maintain an almost perfect rating. We take excellent care of customers, and we know the lighting business inside and out.

Family Owned & Operated:

  • For 30 years Brite Nites has been family owned and operated. Although our team has grown over the years, we’re dedicated to maintaining a personal experience and creating lighting magic for your family, friends, and loved ones.

Brite Nites is the choice for those who appreciate refined excellence in holiday and year-round lighting. We love creating memories and special moments with great lighting. A good lighting setup is powerful. It can set the tone for experiences, establish a mood, and create a safer environment to enjoy.

Brite Nites caters to many different types of customers. The following are the main demographics we serve.

Residential Lighting Customers:

  • Holiday Lighting & Decor: Every year Brite Nites installs lights for thousands of homes. We love bringing the holiday cheer to your home, and yard. From wrapped trees to dazzling decor, twinkling lights, and more. We can make the outside and inside of your home a winter wonderland.
  • Year-round Lighting: If you’d like to light up your home every day of the year we have several lighting solutions to meet your unique needs. We can illuminate your trees, and home with classic white or color-changing light perfect for entertaining. Our popular bistro patio lights are sure to set a great mood for a patio area or deck. 

Commercial Lighting Customers:

  • Holiday Lighting: We love big and small businesses. We can light up your business whether it’s a cozy restaurant, storefront,  or a shopping mall. Our holiday lights will attract more customers to you during the holiday season.
  • Year-round Lighting: Light up the exterior or roofline of your business. We can wrap your trees in beautiful white or colorful lights. We can make your patio glow with our classic bistro lights and more.

Home Owners Associations – HOAs:

  • Holiday Lighting: If you’re on the board for your homeowners association Brite Nites offers great solutions for your community. 
  • Year-round Lighting: Brite Nites also offers year-round lighting solutions for HOAs. We can decorate the gates, driveways, greenery, and much more to make a beautiful and safe environment.

Property Managers:

  • Holiday Lighting: Attract more residents to your residences with Brite Nites. When potential residents drive by they will see an inviting array of lights.
  • Year-round Lighting: We can light up the community pool or outdoor areas all year round. We’ll create an inviting atmosphere for all your residents.


Whether you prefer a classic and refined look or something more playful, our team of skilled professionals can bring your vision to life. From tasteful roofline displays to enhancing the beauty of trees and greenery, we’ll ensure that your lighting is stunning.

Brite Nites transcends what it means to be a lighting company; we pledge to create a lighting setup that exudes luxury and charm. Whether you aspire to transform your home or estate into a holiday masterpiece or illuminate your outdoor spaces year-round, we possess the expertise and passion to bring your vision to life. Every light will add a touch of sophistication, illuminating your space with timeless beauty. To get started, contact Brite Nites now at 385-393-1907.