Why You Should Remove Your Holiday Lights Yearly

Having to sort out your holiday lighting year after year can become a tiring and tedious job. Why not leave your lights up year-round and save yourself the hassle?

Christmas lighting is meant to be installed for seasonal use only. They aren’t manufactured for long-term application. At Brite Nites, we strongly recommend that you remove your lighting after each holiday season to help preserve the life of your purchase.

  • Tree Growth: Trees will continue to grow no matter their size. When a wire is wrapped around the branches or trunk, the tree can become damaged as the cords will suffocate the tree. We’ve even seen some extreme examples of clients from other companies who have left their lights up, and the tree grows around the lights or cuts the trees in half! We have also seen trees that suffer scarring from lights never taken down.
  • Warm Weather: When you leave lights up during summer, the warm weather will damage them. Rain erodes the ends, and sunlight can make the bulbs dimmer and the wire brittle.
  • Wind Storms: Mother Nature damages the lights as the wind stretches the cords and blows the branches back and forth.
  • Wildlife: Curious animals love to chew on anything they can get their paws on. Bulbs, wire, etc.

One holiday season typically lasts 90 days, and our LED lights last 4-5 seasons. Taking down your lights after each season will allow you to enjoy your lights year after year without purchasing all new ones the following holiday.

Rather than purchasing lights each year, make sure that you are on our new plan where you don’t own the individual strands, but rather, you pay for the service yearly, and the lights are included with the package each year. This way, you pay one fee and don’t have to worry about the price changing each year.

Suppose you have questions about your current account with us or are looking for someone to install your Christmas lighting this year, contact us today! We provide Utah, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Washington, Arizona, and Florida with the best residential and commercial holiday lighting services!

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