Interior holiday decor in a Park City home

New Interior Styles

Interior holiday decor in a Park City home

Announcing our New Interior Styles

Brite Nites has been happy to offer interior and exterior lighting services for years. However, we frequently find our customers asking for style and design recommendations. To help make the decision easier, we have created three beautiful designs to choose from. (As always, we can also offer you a completely custom design to fit your home. Simply give us a call!)

Traditional red, green, and gold ornaments with textured greenery accenting the colors even more beautifully.TRADITIONAL

This design features traditional red, green, and gold ornaments that are paired with textured greenery and ribbons that accent the colors even more beautifully.

Cozy snow flocked picks, teal and birch ornaments. Frosted pinecones and teal burlap magnolias for accents.


This style has cozy snow flocked picks, teal and birch ornaments. Frosted pine cones and teal burlap magnolias accent the flocking perfectly and give this design a snowy look and feel.

Elegant textured white, silver, and clear ornaments, with snow-frosted pinecones. Silver accents and ribbon pulling the whole piece together.


Our last design option is an elegant white, silver, and clear color scheme. Textured ornaments and snow-frosted pine cones bring in a natural element, and silver accents and ribbon pull the whole piece together.

To see more of our interior work, visit our specialty lighting & decor page.

If you’re ready to schedule your free design consultation, call us today!

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