Bistro & Patio Lighting

Let Brite Nites help you create a memorable outdoor space with pergola and patio lighting. Enjoy your patio under a sparkling canopy for the ultimate experience in chic sophistication. Spend more time outside with the ones you love on those warm summer nights enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Pergola and patio lighting add a unique and charming touch to your outdoor space. Believe us, your friends will be leaving your gathering with a serious case of yard-envy.

Whether you are looking for patio lighting for your home or your business, we have something that works for you. Set a romantic mood for an anniversary, a fun and lighthearted mood for a birthday, or an elegant and relaxing mood all year long. Make your gatherings more enticing with lighting that helps anchor your space and make it look that much more special. No matter what inspires you, Brite Nites can help you accomplish your desired look.

Whatever your preferences are, Brite Nites has a lighting option that matches your style. We offer incandescent or LED lighting options that transform your patio into a magical space. Whether you love the rustic, industrial look of bare bulbs or would prefer to cover your bulbs with a high-end shade to help set the mood even more, Brite Nites has you covered. Our shades for our patio and pergola lighting can be finished in whatever color your heart desires to match your exterior décor vision. Brite Nites’ patio lighting also comes in various colors to help you create the illusion of a calming blue lagoon or even a reddish late-night lounge.

At Brite Nites, we specialize in the science and artistry of outdoor lighting. Our Design Team and lighting Technicians have over 20 years of experience and passion for perfection. From our exceptional designs, to the artful use of premium lighting fixtures, to our expert installation techniques, we deliver professional results. Our service doesn’t end when we leave your home. Maintenance is important for continuous, worry-free operation of your landscape lighting system.

Brite Nites offers an incomparable design, meticulous installation, and unmatched personalized service. We focus on bringing out the best of your home and landscape. We use only the highest quality outdoor lighting hardware (fixtures, wires and lamps). Our corrosion-proof outdoor fixtures can weather even the toughest conditions. Our pursuit for quality doesn’t end there…We also offer energy-efficient fixtures and lamps that boost long life-expectancy and guarantee consistently balanced light output. We guarantee you’ll love what we do.