A recent poll taken by the National Association of Home Builders revealed what the most wanted features for home owners were. Exterior lighting including landscape and patio lighting was an essential/must have for 38% of poll takers. Another 50% said exterior lighting was a desirable feature for the home. This means out of everyone polled, 88% believe exterior lighting is either an essential or desirable feature to consider when purchasing or renovating a home. The NAHB also lists owning Energy Star rated appliances as a desirable feature, according to 91% of poll takers. Brite Nites recognizes the need to have an energy efficient home, which is why we offer premium grade LED bulbs. These lights burn brighter, cost less, and are the best energy efficient lighting solution on the market today. Call us today for a free demonstration of what these lights look like, and how they can benefit you in the long run.

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41% of those polled said exterior lighting was necessary and 49% said it was desirable.

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