Christmas light installation

Decking the Halls & Stringing the Lights in Warm Weather

If you live in a state with a warmer climate, such as Florida or California, you probably know what it’s like to celebrate Christmas day in 70-degree weather. Just because there’s no snow doesn’t mean you can’t deck the halls and string the lights. Even during the warmest winters, putting up your best Christmas decorations and enjoying the festivities is fun.

You can get creative when putting up the lights and do something relatable yet funny, like a beachy Christmas. You can also stick to the traditional Christmas décor with red and green lights, wreaths, and a Christmas tree with ornaments. Whatever sounds the best to you is entirely up to your family, but if you’re looking for Christmas-related activities for warmer weather, here are a few of our recommendations.

Best Christmas-Related Activities for Warmer Weather

  1. Go to the Ice-Skating Rink

Ice skating is the perfect family winter activity. It’s an activity that lets you put on your coziest jacket, warmest gloves, and longest scarf. We recommend you take it to the next level and wear an ugly Christmas sweater. It doesn’t matter if it’s 70 degrees outside because it’ll feel like winter once you get inside.

Bring friends or family and have a Christmas celebration at the ice rink. For extra fun, bring along some other Christmas-related items such as holiday treats, Santa hats, and maybe even some holiday music to skate to. It’s an excellent idea for those who live in Florida and California because it allows you to enjoy a somewhat traditional, cold Christmas.

  1. Make Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a fan favorite of anyone who’s ever lived through a Christmas. It’s the perfect wintery drink to make, even if it’s hot outside. You can add marshmallows and pair them with an activity such as watching a Christmas movie. There are many great classics out there that go well with a cup of hot chocolate.

Getting the kids involved in making hot chocolate is also fun because it brings the family together and offers a safe, Christmas-related activity. One of our favorite recipes is a hot white chocolate drink by Ina Garten. Finish the night off by cutting out paper snowflakes and turning your home into a winter wonderland.

  1. Decorate the House & String the Lights

Though it may be warm enough outside to take a trip to the beach, it’s never too hot to decorate. It can feel much more like a traditional Christmas if you add some lights to your exterior. It’ll lift your mood, brighten your home, and spread that holiday cheer to those who drive by.

The best thing you can do for hanging lights is to hire a professional to do the job safely, efficiently, and adequately. You’ll be glad you decided to decorate your house and have a festive Christmas.

Best Light Installation Service in SoCal & Florida

While the other activities mentioned are easy, DIY ones, installing lights on your house isn’t so much. It’s simple to find Christmas activities that can be done at home or with a short car ride, but installing lights is one of the must-do Christmas festivities that you’ll probably want extra help with.

If you live in a warm climate such as Southern California or Florida, check out Brite Nites services to effectively put up your lights at an affordable rate and with quick timing. With over 25 years of experience, Brite Nites professionals love spreading holiday cheer by servicing those in warm climates since they deserve to have a fun Christmas.

Why Brite Nites?

Brite Nites services cities throughout California and Florida, including Beverly Hills, Miami, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, and more. Brite Nites is only one call away if you live in one of these cities and want an enjoyable, stress-free Christmas. Choose Brite Nites due to the benefits that make them unique.

Premium LED Lights

Brite Nites only uses the best supplies and materials for its customers. Their premium LED lights are strung with care and used to illuminate the building in unique colors and designs. Brite Nites is a top recommendation if you’re looking for a Christmas light installation company that is guaranteed to impress. Their premium lights are meant to last, but they offer maintenance and warranty if they don’t.


Brite Nites offers a quality assurance warranty that removes the worry of what could go wrong. Things aren’t always in our control, so whether it’s a wire coming loose or a burnt-out bulb, Brite Nites promises to have it fixed or replaced within 24 hours. This keeps your decorations looking nice and new throughout the period you have them.

Custom Designs

Brite Nites is known for its personalized designs based on your residence. They offer different lights or a new design each year to keep things exciting. Bright Nites promises to provide creative design options that fit within your budget. Their custom displays are done with thoughtfulness to give an impressive result that you’ll be thrilled with. The end piece is bound to increase the holiday spirit within your neighborhood.

Customer Service

Brite Nites guarantees a positive, joyful experience when working with them. Their professional team is helpful and attentive when it comes to customer concerns. This includes their quality assurance warranty, which is in place to provide the best experience possible.

Contact Brite Nites Today

If you live in California or Florida and are ready to move forward with the holiday fun, it’s time to contact Brite Nites. They have you covered in the Christmas department and will help make your holiday special. So if you’re spending Christmas in 70-degree weather with no snow, make some hot chocolate, go to the ice skating rink, and call Brite Nites to set up your Christmas lights.

Fill out the Contact Us Form and schedule an appointment. There’s no reason that you can’t have a fantastic time this Christmas. Merry Christmas, and may your holidays be bright and sunny.