Christmas Lights Utah

Utahns gather together year after year to enjoy the holiday spirit and take part in the booming Christmas sales. Brite Nites is a local installation company that started in the garage of Dean Lyons. As time went on, the company grew, and Brite Nites is now the largest Christmas lighting installation company in Utah. Brite Nites recently pushed outside the borders of Utah to illuminate surrounding states. Brite Nites’ vision is to bring the magical feeling of Christmas to people and families as far as we can reach. But if you live in Utah, there are many Christmas lighting displays that Brite Nites creates;  displays that you may have seen before, but didn’t realize who was behind the beauty!  

Below is a list of lighting displays that Brite Nites is proud to install each holiday season:

Commercial Christmas Lights

Draper City Park Tree

“The Tree with 1,000 lights” or “The Tree of Life” are just a few nicknames for the famous tree that we light in Draper, Utah. This large tree actually has over 65,000 lights installed during the Christmas season! The locals have made it a tradition to stop by and take in the beauty of this massive display. Take part in the fun by visiting the tree or attending the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Brite Nites lights up Station Park

Station Park

This shopping center is the perfect getaway for holiday shopping. During Christmas, Station Park is lit by over 300 trees that line the walkways. There is garland strung from every lamp post and festive bows tying it all together. Brite Nites works closely with Station Park to make every year a new and exciting Christmas. Station Park has a festive activities and events throughout the holiday season. Be sure to check their Play page to find out when their the tree lighting ceremony is, and to prepare for the day Santa arrives!

Commercial Christmas lights

The Gateway Mall

The Gateway Mall began with the urban development project in Salt Lake City. It now hosts many events and activities in Salt Lake, including an amazing Christmas light display. Brite Nites installs hundreds of lights in the trees and along the Gateway Bridge. The showstopping attraction is the live tree that stands in the center of the shopping center. Each year the tree has a new and exciting twist, attracting visitors from all over the state.

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