There are only a few more months until our favorite season is here. In celebration and anticipation of winter and all of the holidays that come with it, we compiled a list of the 20 best things about the holiday season:

  1. Family: For many, getting together with family and friends is the most rewarding part of the holiday season. We travel all over the world to be close to those who mean the most to us.
  2. Lights: Who can deny the magic of a beautifully lit Christmas tree? The beauty of Christmas lights is one of the most magical parts of the holiday season.
  3. Snow: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas isn’t a classic Christmas song for nothing. The season that covers our homes and streets with white fluffy snow is why it’s our favorite.
  4. Food: Gingerbread, pumpkin pies and turkey dinners! The holidays is a time when you get to eat all of those once a year, special treats.
  5. Carols: Music is constantly in the air during the holidays. It’s not difficult to find a group of carolers singing at the mall, or in front of your very own home.
  6. Fireplaces: Getting bundled up in front of a real fire is especially wonderful when the air is crisp and cold. Roasting s’mores and drinking steaming hot chocolate are perfect activities to do in front of a warm fireplace.
  7. Ice Skating: Ice skating is a fun winter activity for people of all ages! Whether you’re with a date or with a group of friends, be prepared to slip and fall a few times amidst all of the laughter and fun!
  8. Christmas Trees: Whether they’re 10 feet tall in your home or 40 feet tall in the mall, Christmas trees are magical no matter the size. There’s no better activity than decorating your Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments, Christmas lights and a star at the very tip top!
  9. Christmas Parties: Inviting friends and family together for a memorable party is a holiday tradition. You always know you’ll have a great time when there’s delicious food, fun games and great company.
  10. Egg Nog: Egg Nog is definitely a specialty Christmas item. Whether you make it from scratch or buy it from the store, you’ll be able to taste the holidays with every sip.
  11. Presents: Giving and receiving gifts will put a smile on everyone’s face.
  12. Christmas Sales: With Black Friday, Clearance Sales and Season Ending Sales constantly happening during the holiday season, there’s no reason not to spoil yourself or start buying those presents to place under the tree!
  13. Mistletoe: Hopefully you’ll run into that special someone under the mistletoe this year!
  14. Christmas Specials: There are usually fun Christmas specials of your favorite TV shows.
  15. Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Be sure to check the thrift stores for that perfect ugly Christmas sweater. (Or even better, throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and see who dons the ugliest one!)
  16. Snowmen: If you have snow during the holiday season, it’s mandatory that you build a snowman. Put on some winter gear and be a kid again, just for the afternoon.
  17. Christmas Movies: Everybody has their own favorite Christmas movies. The trick is whether or not you are strong enough to wait an entire year to watch them!
  18. Hot Cocoa: Lots of mini marshmallows and extra whipped cream, please!
  19. Santa Claus: Good old Saint Nick starts showing up at malls and touring the streets. Make sure to keep an eye out for the excitement radiating from the children everywhere, and remind them to be good so that they make the Nice List!
  20. Christmas Morning: This is one of the most peaceful days of the year. Everyone is relaxed and the hustle and bustle slows down completely. Take in the holiday cheer and smile a bit.
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