Christmas Lighting Designs

There are so many ways to light your home during the holiday season. But what will best reflect you and your family’s personality? We outline a few popular designs below.

1. Colorful

Adding a bit of color to your home is easy with lights! Whether you’re adding one color every year, or using every color we have to offer, colored lights are a fun and festive way to ring in the new year.

2. Shining Star

If you’re looking for a simple yet dramatic option, this is a perfect solution. If you want to avoid lighting your entire roofline, try wrapping lights around one large tree! This creates one large and beautiful display. And don’t forget the star on top!

3. Unique

If you want to try something completely different, try some beautifully lit decorations to put on the exterior of your home. This creates a beautiful and unique holiday display that will definitely stand out!

christmas lights

4. Traditional

Keeping it traditional is a classic design choice for most of our customers. A nice warm white light along the roofline keeps your home lit in a clean and conservative fashion. Add in a wreath and a few large red bows and you’re probably not far from matching the timeless McAllister’s house from Home Alone.

christmas lights

5. Traditional Twist

Traditional lights can become boring to some year after year. These icicle lights are still traditional in color, but unique and beautiful in how they hang. Create your own winter wonderland by covering your entire home in them as seen above!

christmas lights

6. Add Greenery

As always, adding greenery such as garland and wreaths can put the final touches on your home. Combining greenery with lighting creates a picture-perfect home for the holidays.


New Interior Styles

Interior holiday decor in a Park City home

Announcing our New Interior Styles

Brite Nites has been happy to offer interior and exterior lighting services for years. However, we frequently find our customers asking for style and design recommendations. To help make the decision easier, we have created three beautiful designs to choose from. (As always, we can also offer you a completely custom design to fit your home. Simply give us a call!)

Traditional red, green, and gold ornaments with textured greenery accenting the colors even more beautifully.TRADITIONAL

This design features traditional red, green, and gold ornaments that are paired with textured greenery and ribbons that accent the colors even more beautifully.

Cozy snow flocked picks, teal and birch ornaments. Frosted pinecones and teal burlap magnolias for accents.


This style has cozy snow flocked picks, teal and birch ornaments. Frosted pine cones and teal burlap magnolias accent the flocking perfectly and give this design a snowy look and feel.

Elegant textured white, silver, and clear ornaments, with snow-frosted pinecones. Silver accents and ribbon pulling the whole piece together.


Our last design option is an elegant white, silver, and clear color scheme. Textured ornaments and snow-frosted pine cones bring in a natural element, and silver accents and ribbon pull the whole piece together.

To see more of our interior work, visit our specialty lighting & decor page.

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Why You Should Remove Your Holiday Lights Yearly

Having to sort out your holiday lighting year after year can become a tiring and tedious job. Why not leave your lights up year round and just save yourself the hassle?

Christmas lighting is meant to be installed for seasonal use only. They aren’t manufactured for long term application. (In fact, the warranty from the factory is a mere 90 days.) At Brite Nites, we strongly recommend that you remove your lighting after each holiday season to help preserve the life of your purchase.

  • Tree Growth: Trees will continue to grow no matter what size they are. When a wire is wrapped around the branches or trunk, the tree can become damaged as the cords will suffocate the tree. We’ve even seen some extreme examples of clients who have come from other companies who have left their lights up and the tree grows around the lights or cuts the trees in half! We have also seen trees that suffer scarring from lights that are never taken down.
  • Warm Weather: When you leave lights up during the summer months, the warm weather will damage them. Rain corrodes the ends, and sunlight makes the bulbs dimmer and the wire brittle.
  • Wind Storms: Mother Nature damages the lights as wind tends to stretch the cords as it’s blowing the branches back and forth.
  • Wildlife: For some reason, curious animals love to chew on anything they can get their paws on. Bulbs, wire, etc.

One holiday season typically lasts 90 days and our LED lights last from 2-3 years. Taking down your lights after each season will allow you to enjoy your lights year after year without having to purchase all new ones the following holiday.

Rather than purchasing lights each year, make sure that you are on our new plan where you don’t own the individual strands, but rather, you pay for the service yearly, and the lights are included with the package each year. This way you pay one fee and you don’t have to worry about the price changing each year.

If you have questions about your current account with us or if you are looking for someone to install your Christmas lighting this year, contact us today! We provide Utah, California, and Florida with the very best holiday lighting displays around.

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Brite Nites Colored Lights

Brite Nites has many different colored lights to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or something that will stand out from the crowd, we have a color that will work for you!

6 Ways to Illuminate Your Lifestyle

6 Ways to Illuminate Your Lifestyle – 1. Pathway Lighting: Lighting up your pathways will increase the safety for all who visit your home. Pathway lights come in many different sizes and styles to fit your home’s exterior appearance. Pathway lights can be used in your front yard to light walkways leading to and from your front porch, or in the backyard lining the pathways from the patio to a seating area, pergola, pool, or any other spaces you want to enjoy.

2.Up Lights and Tree Lighting: Up lights are an excellent way to illuminate exterior foliage. Allow these lights to illuminate your yard while you relax in the ambiance these lights create.