Christmas tree light installation

If you’ve been with Brite Nites for many years, you know how our Christmas tree light installation crews light trees. Our designers like to fill your trees to maximum capacity, filling every single branch and loading the tree with lights (similar to the way the Christmas lights illuminate Temple Square in Salt Lake City).  However, over the years we’ve found that not every client wants their tree wrapped in this way. To accommodate for this, we have created three separate tree lighting styles that are certain to match your taste and budget.

1. Brite Nites Signature Style

Each branch is wrapped and lights are loaded into the tree creating our beautiful signature Brite Nites’ look.

  • Christmas Tree Light Installation

    Brite Nites Style Wrap
  • Brite Nites | Jess Reid Tree | Park City, UT
  • Christmas Tree Light Installation

    Brite Nites Classic Wrap
  • Professionally Lit Christmas Trees in Yard

2. Classic Wrap

Most branches are wrapped creating a bright and illuminated tree. This is similar to the Brite Nites style, but with less lights.

3. Retro Wrap

Lights are swagged around the perimeter of the tree creating a familiar look from years past.

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