Brite Nites: Serving You Since 1993

In 1993, our founder Dean Lyons started hanging up Christmas lights with just a ladder and a yellow jeep. Soon people started asking where they could find him, and if he could hang their lights. We had definitely created a buzz, and Brite Nites was born.

26 years later we are still hanging up Christmas lights, but now we have a few more than just one ladder. Our crews are now in locations all across the US including Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, and Utah; and we’re only just getting started.

Thank you for your continued patronage over the years. We have changed with the growth we’ve had in order to give you the best lighting experience possible. Whether we’re lighting your roofline or a 60′ commercial tree, we pride ourselves on quality and service.

So thank you! You are what keeps Brite Nites going. We look forward to seeing you this holiday season with even better lighting options and even better service.

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