Now that you know who we are, you may be wondering how all of this works. Here at Brite Nites, we have a five step process to ensure that nothing gets left behind. This simple process ensures that we deliver exactly what you expect.

1. Consultation
Our comprehensive service begins with a site visit from a member of our design team. While on location, we perform a thorough analysis of your space and discuss all design ideas and expectations in detail.

2. Professional Design
Our design team takes all design ideas, project goals and budgets into consideration, and will immediately begin drafting a custom lightscape, including artwork, material assessment and technical details.

3. Installation
Once we receive your approval, the process of installing your festive lighting is carried out by our expert installation crews with minimal interruption to day-to-day life and landscape.

4. Lights On
This is the most exciting part of the entire project! Turning on your lighting display allows everyone to experience the WOW factor and the magic created by your holiday lighting. You are in total control of the date and time your lighting display turns on. (That means it’s not a problem if you absolutely refuse to have your Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving!)

5. Take Down & Storage
We guarantee and maintain your lighting display throughout your specified time period. Our service includes take down and storage, and we protect your product in our climate controlled warehouse until the following season.

To get started with Step 1 of this process, call or email us today!

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