Commercial Christmas lights

Brite Nites Lights Up Draper City’s Tree of Life

Commercial Christmas lights

Over the many years of being in the holiday lighting business, Brite Nites has illuminated hundreds of beautiful venues. From extravagant homes to extraordinary commercial spaces, we have brought the holiday spirit with that special wow factor.

But there is one project that has been extremely popular with Utah travelers and those on social media. In the middle of Draper City Park stands a large willow tree. Since 2014 we have decorated it with thousands of strands of lights, resulting in the locals to lovingly nicknaming it, “The Draper Tree of Life.”

Commercial Christmas lights

Over the years we have seen thousands of visitors visit, share photos, and mention us as they visit the tree. It is a spectacular holiday lighting display that you won’t see anywhere else. Recently, as it has become a legitimate tourist attraction, we have found reviews for it all over the web! From Google Reviews to TripAdvisor, people love talking about the Draper Tree. Scroll down to see some of our favorite reviews.

If you’re interested in visiting the Draper City Tree of Life, please visit the Draper City website for details.

If you’d like to learn more about Brite Nites’ commercial holiday lighting services or see more of our work, visit our Commercial Holiday Lighting page!

Commercial Christmas lights

“This was extraordinary! We are from CA and throughly enjoyed the atmosphere- a guy was proposing to his girl last year. It was such a lovely thing to see. Highly recommended.”

Draper City Tree 2015

“This is an amazing place to visit around Christmas.”

Commercial Christmas lights

“They have a tree that they call the tree of life at Christmas. Amazing light display. We visit every year around Christmas time. So beautiful!”

Draper Tree of Life | Brite Nites

“Around the holidays the Tree of Life in Draper City Park is illuminated with over 1,000 strands of lights is absolutely spectacular.”

Draper Tree of Life by Brite Nites

“I enjoy Draper Park at any time of year. It is big with fun bridges, basketball courts, playground, and connects with a fantastic trail that I’ve run on for many miles. However, the frowning jewel of this park of the “Tree of Life” round Christmas time. The City of Draper covers every branch of this tree with lights and it is breathtaking. Truly worth the trip to check out this tree. They do put up other lights around the park as well and have a hill that kids can sled on of there’s snow. Great family activity or perfect for a romantic stroll. Anyone can enjoy this Christmas highlight.”

Commercial Christmas Lights