About Us

About Brite Nites

In 1993, Brite Nites’ founder and CEO, Dean Lyons, set out with a yellow jeep and a ladder to install Christmas lights. It wasn’t soon after that people started looking for that yellow jeep to get their lighting done by Brite Nites. Yes, we definitely created a buzz. That buzz has evolved into a full service lighting and decor company. Our design and installation teams are experts at creating customized holiday and landscape lighting displays from residential clients to large-scale commercial properties. Our company is matchless in its professionalism and creativity, with a quality you can trust. We are committed to the details and getting every job done right the first time. We are relentless about creating displays that produce jaw-dropping reactions. Let us take over the ladder and make your home sparkle this year. We can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see your lights shining for the first time!

Contact us to get started today: (801) 432-2111