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Pathway Landscape Lighting - Brite Nites
  1. Pathway Lighting: Lighting up your pathways will increase the safety for all who visit your home. Pathway lights come in many different sizes and styles to fit your home’s exterior appearance. Pathway lights can be used in your front yard to light walkways leading to and from your front porch, or in the backyard lining the pathways from the patio to a seating area, pergola, pool, or any other spaces you want to enjoy.
  2. Up Lights and Tree Lighting: Up lights are an excellent way to illuminate exterior foliage. Allow these lights to illuminate your yard while you relax in the ambiance these lights create.
  3. Wall and Home Illumination: Up lights also can be used to light up the exterior of your home, and they come in different warmths to fit your taste and style. Brite Nites especially loves lighting up accent walls to provide to create an interesting yet striking visual focus. These lights tend to be smaller than up-lights, and are used to show the detail of a home’s exterior. These lights look amazing on brick, rock and slate walls.
  4. Pool and Water Feature Lighting: A very desirable and elegant landscape piece is a water feature. Brite Nites installs and maintains pool lighting as well as lights that can be installed to illuminate your waterfalls, ponds or fountains. Don’t allow this beautiful structure to be hidden when it becomes dark out! Enjoy it year round by illuminating it.
  5. Patio Lighting: Summer is here and it’s time to break out the barbecue. Patio lighting allows the party to continue even when the sun goes down. Brite Nites can customize your job to provide you with the perfect solution for your patio or balcony. Patio lighting is typically strung above your patio to create a bright, but soft glow.
  6. Event Lighting: Event lighting ranges from Christmas strands to patio lighting. Brite Nites offers many temporary arrangements that will fit perfectly with your summer party schedule. A popular event that we cater to frequently are indoor and outdoor weddings. If you have an event planned and would like to know what options are available, call Brite Nites for more details.

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