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Our design team will assess your space and then design a custom lightscape that perfectly matches your vision budget.


No mess, no interruption, no hassle. Our team installs your lights quickly and efficiently; you don’t even have to be home.


When it comes to removing your lights, our motto is, “Better than before.” We’ll even schedule a post-inspection trip.


We make sure your lights are working the moment they’re installed. Something wrong? Call us and we’ll be there in 24 hours.

About Brite Nites

Holiday & Landscape Lighting

We do everything so you don’t have to.

Brite Nites provides professional and beautiful lighting solutions. Our work can be seen on homes, businesses, and large retail shopping centers. We specialize in commercial and residential Christmas lights, professional installation, and landscape lighting. Work with our design and installation teams, who are trained and experienced to provide you with 100% satisfaction and the most beautiful lighting display on your street.

Professional & Trusted

Brite Nites started in 1993, and was the first Christmas Lighting company in Utah and one of the first in the nation. Dean Lyons was attending school at BYU and his neighbor paid him $200 to take down the Christmas lighting on his home. He bought a ladder, and spent the next years turning that idea into a multi-million dollar company. Years have gone by, employees have stuck around, and our Brite Nites staff is rich with Christmas lighting experience.

“Many thanks for your team’s dedicated efforts to keep us well lit. Last night when I left the resort the lighting looked excellent. I really value our partnership.”
Andrew Godaire, Montage
Andrew Godaire, Montage
“Their service & attention to detail, simply perfection”
Ken Keller
Ken Keller
“Brite Nites’ lighting design illuminated our landscaping in a way that brought it to life … we strongly recommend Brite Nites.”
Dean England
Dean England


Looking to light up a location outside of Utah? No problem! Brite Nites is now in several major cities throughout the US, and we’re constantly growing! Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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