Brite Nites has been climbing up ladders and installing Christmas lights since 1993, making us the oldest Christmas lighting company in Utah. We have grown a lot from when we first started and have seen a lot of success. We attribute that success to four things:

    1. Our loyal customers
    2. A high expectation for product and customer service
    3. Our creativity-fostering team
    4. And love for Christmas and the holidays

1. Loyal Customers

Serving clients from Provo to Park City has allowed us to work with a large part of the population across Utah. We have enjoyed working with each client, from our customer service representatives to our installation crews. Year after year, we are , honored to light your homes and bring the holiday spirit to your neighborhood and families. We love when current clients refer us to new clients, and to gain their trust, we offer 20% savings off their first season with Brite Nites. Our customers keep us in business, and we won’t forget that.

2. High Quality Products & Customer Service

From your first phone call with Brite Nites, we want you to know that we care. Whether you see our trucks in your neighborhood or read about the fantastic work we’ve done in the community, such as Draper’s Tree of Life display, our team of experts will greet you warmly. We also recognize that our products will end up sitting out in the rain and snow for months, so we want to provide you with the best possible quality. Our LED lights are commercial grade and built to weather the storm. Each year we work to improve the quality and durability of our lights to ensure you have the best quality available.

The Gateway Christmas tree lights up the night with Brite Nites

3. Love of Christmas

We love the holidays so much that we like to keep the spirit of Christmas with us year-round. Our office theme is #staybrite. We not only provide holiday light installation services, but we also provide other lighting solutions to brighten up your home all year.