Brite Nites offers customers their own unique experience because each job is custom and tailored for you. These jobs range from simple to extravagant, but each one is remarkable. Our expertise and know-how helps us design and create the perfect lighting job for any location or occasion. Our employees work hard to provide 100% satisfaction for our clients.

We are currently working on a custom lighting job for a home in California. The job consists of a large 13.5′ x 7′ American Flag that will be attached to an exterior gate. Our design team collaborated and discussed how to create the concept, and we then had our light technicians create final product. This included having a welder create the custom frame, and the lighting technicians install the copious amount of LED lights the job required. The flag has over 1,700 red, white and blue LED 5mm bulbs. The team ensured this project’s longevity and durability by including waterproof connectors for the light strands. We were able to create this large American flag with 100% waterproof connections and energy efficient LED seamless 5mm light strands.

At Brite Nites we love to imagine, design and create. Please call or email us to ask about our custom lighting jobs. We would love to make your lighting dream a reality!

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