Brite Nites Colored Holiday Lights

Brite Nites has many different colored lights to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or something that will stand out from the crowd, we have a color that will work for you!

Warm White Lights: Our LED warm white light strands are the most popular of all of our lighting options. They are meant to mimic traditional incandescent lights. The LED light technology has increased exponentially over the last ten years, and it continues to become more energy efficient without sacrificing the beauty that warm white incandescent lights product.

Cool White Lights: Cool white lights are not as popular as the traditional warm white, but this color gives off a very a more modern and clean ambiance. Cool white pairs well with other cool colors such as blue or purple.

Red Lights: Red is obviously a favorite color for Christmas. It is common to see a tree strung with red Christmas lights, and a second tree with lined with green Christmas lights. This creates the perfect lighting effect for a festive holiday season. Keep in mind that another popular holiday color scheme is red and white, a combination that we refer to as “candy cane.”

Green Lights: A lighting solution that goes nicely with red is green. Green Christmas lights are very vibrant and will make any tree or home stand out. Be sure to try out the special Christmas color scheme of red, green, and warm white Christmas lights. We like to call this color combination “traditional.”

Blue Lights: Blue Christmas lights are commonly installed with other cold colors like our purple or cool white Christmas lights. This is a common color scheme for people who want a new and refreshing Christmas light display.

Purple Lights: If you are looking to stray from the traditional Christmas lighting display, purple is a perfect solution. Purple Christmas lights look fun and futuristic.

Pink Lights: Years ago, Brite Nites’ CEO completely lit up his house in pink for his wife and five daughters. This is another great color that will set you apart from other homes or businesses on your street.

Orange Lights: Orange lights are the perfect option for a Halloween display! Orange and purple light strands work well together for a spooky Halloween party. We have also had companies light up their buildings or bring a logo to life with n orange lights.

Yellow Lights: Yellow is an underrated choice. These lights are often used in a multi-colored lighting system or for special occasions such as weddings, patios, or a special event.

Not sure what color works best for you? Call us today for a free lighting demonstration.

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